Archiving solutions and record management

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Archiving solutions and record management

Manage Records Based on Regulatory Requirements

Enable retention policy management and litigation hold capabilities across multiple repositories through:

Consistent Retention Policy Management

  • Retention policies based on regulatory requirements
  • Retention periods associated with dates and triggers
  • Retention policies applied across multiple repositories

Federated Search to Aid Discovery

  • Search across multiple record types, series and repositories
  • Advanced search capabilities including synonyms
  • Advanced analytics for more advanced investigations

Litigation Hold Across Repositories

  • Freeze records and document sets across multiple repositories
  • Associate holds with reasons and dates
  • Report on active and previous holds

Ensure Defensible Destruction

  • Ensure consistent application of retention policies
  • Document all actions with complete audit trails
  • Report on all disposition and destruction activities


Organizations face a number of challenges as they work to ensure their information asset management strategies are compliant with...
As businesses expand their operations, the number of documents issued increases over time.