With partnering with organizations ranked # 1 in the world Customer Communication Management Solutions
Customer Experience Management is a living concept requiring agile and real-time care upon ever changing market ...
(CJM) is one of the easiest on ramps to digital and is essential to complete before a major customer experience redesign.
Business Applications users live in their application environment, be it ERP, CRM, a custom LOB application.
Digital Transformation created “Business Files” which involved entire processes into themselves encompassing living documents
Archiving Solutions
Requirements Enable retention policy management and litigation hold capabilities across multiple repositories through

Our methodology

Our Methodology

We use our experience in the digital transformation in a consultancy approach to help our customers achieve their strategic objectives, by using the Six Sigma approach:

Define phase
Consists in assessing the client’s current situation in order to discover the current operational, technological, structural and other challenges.
Consists in formulating the most appropriate and suitable strategies and roadmaps that best respond to the client’s goals and priorities.
Consists in identifying the Gap between the As-Is and the To-Be, and defining the required tools, resources, processes, time frame and costs required to implement the client’s vision.
Consists in providing the customer with the right solution, technology and business model that suite his situation, and the perfect plan reaching the project objectives.
provide our customer with the exact plan to grants the success of implementation and end result of the program.

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DTS now has partnership agreements with organizations ranked either number one on the world, or at least from the best five solutions across the world

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